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The Unquiet American When Rome’s massive nationwide manhunt failed to rescue Aldo Moro, the search began for an imagined mastermind. By 1994, the conspiracy scenarists were sure they had their man, snared in his own diabolical web. If he seemed a character straight from the Tom Clancy school of international thrillers, that was because he was –and thus wise to the ways of their game.

The Man Who Killed Aldo Moro Aldo Moro's political allies let him die. Why? The question asked by The New York Times a decade ago still seeks an answer.

I giorni del complotto: Il caso Moro e l'Americano che venne dal freddo
Nella Roma del 1994 si di lui, l’uomo dietro il complotto, l’uomo dei misteri. Si chiamava Dr. Pieczenik — al tempo del sequestro Moro mandato da Washington per motivi mai chiarite e il silenzio di Pieczenik è rimasto impenetrabile. Ora però al Viminale spuntano fuori documenti orrendi, scritti con l’arroganza di chi gode un potere illimitato.porta il nome dell’autore, lo stesso Dr. Pieczenik ...

#1The Shady Deals of God's Banker
What the Vatican bank was doing with such a dizzying sum of money, was a secret only Roberto Calvi knew, and he had told his lawyers, "If the whole thing comes out, it'll be enough to start the Third World War."

The Talented Doktor Dollmann Sometimes a mere shadow, sometimes an audacious commander,
he was always a chronicler, storing in his mind the stuff of tales for tomorrow. He had the uncanny talent of being everywhere in Nazidom whenever history was being made

.Gli anni dell'ira: il caso Moro e il terrorismo nascosto
Il 9 maggio di ventisei anni fa venne ucciso dalle Brigate Rosse Aldo Moro. Erano gli anni di piombo, un epoca passata alla storia, ma oggi tornata attuale per il terrorismo internazionale. Cercando le lezioni di storia presentiamo un brano del libro di Robert Katz, I giorni dell'ira..   
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The Death of a Statesman: Aldo Moro and the Unspoken Terrorism
On May 9, 1978, five-time Prime Minister of Italy Aldo Moro, after 54 days in the hands of the Red Brigades, was slain. The government declared war against terrorism - and won. But the lessons of history in this case may be too chilling for words.
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The Complete Death in Rome Updates, 1994-2004 
Adding the 3rd and most recent update to the two posted earlier this year, completes the set of English-language originals. Until now they had been published only in translation, respectively, in the 1994, 1996 and 2004 Italian editions of Death in Rome. The English originals are currently available only on TheBoot.     
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Diario di un viaggiatore . . .
osservazioni di un mondo rurale destinato a morire sotto il giogo ancora senzo nome ma che si chiamerà "globalizzazione". Resto per un quarto secolo nell'A.R.K. virtualmente inedito, il Diario riemerge oggi come una vera e propria time-capsule in quanto è un oggetto che rappresenta una cultura ormai sparita.
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C'era una volta l'America...a Roma liberata
L ’esercito che aveva sganciato migliaia di bombe su Roma era stato bombardato
da tutti i fiori di primavera, salutato da due milioni di persone,  La gratitudine dei romani sarà eterna, ma per quell'America. Per l'altra America, quella del presidente Bush ospitato a Roma sessant'anni dopo, ci sono perplessità...
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Pope Pius XII Protests... an Essay in What Might Have Been
The decades-long "great debate" over the papal Silence in the face of the Holocaust goes on, each side more certain of its cause than ever. Yet Pius himself had painful doubts, strongest, it seems, in two agonizing moments of the war when what might have been, almost was. Read Robert Katz's counterfactual essay from the international bestselling anthology series What If? more >>>


Second Sabbath: The Journey Ends
Saturday, Oct. 23, 1943, exactly one week after the roundup of The Jews of Rome, the 1,000 deportees reach their destination: Auschwitz. By nightfall nearly all have been turned to ashes lying on a river bed and smoke wafting in the sky. more >>>

Il Secondo Sabato —la fine del viaggio
"Non sapevo se imprecare Dio, o pregarlo, ma ho detto, Signore, salvami salvami, perché io debbo tornare a raccontare". —Settimia Spizzichino, l'unica donna tra gli ebrei di Roma a sopravivere al rastrellamento e alla deportazione a Auschwitz.
Raccontando l'Olocausto: una storia raramente ricordata; l'arrivo ad Auschwitz degli ebrei romani.
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Once Upon a Time in Liberated Rome
June 4, 1944: On this day,the U.S. Fifth Army captured Rome, liberating an ever-grateful city from a nightmarish occupation by Hitler's Germany. The Time Capsule presented here is excerpted from the final pages of Robert Katz’s The Battle for Rome.
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Speaking softly, TheBoot carries a swift kick...
U.S. president George Bush's recent trip to commemorate America's WWII liberation of Rome, call on the pope and make the first presidential pilgrimage to the Ardeatine Caves, stumbled into an information gap. Not one of the president's men had done his modern Italian history homework, but key members of the local foreign press corps had, turning to a fledgling independent English-language source Read how had its best day yet. Bush, Battle and Death in Rome >>>

Open City (an excerpt from The Battle For Rome)
On a shining spring day while writing this book, I walked down the Via Rasella. It is a short, narrow, and, considering how central it is, relatively quiet street. It descends from the Barberini Palace on a slope of the Quirinal, one of the seven hills of classical Rome. As an icon of a singular event of the 270-day German occupation of Rome during World War II, the Via Rasella has haunted three generations of Romans and has helped shape the very character of the present-day city.    
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Una popolazione piena di gioia accoglie la V Armata americana

Leggi l'arrivo delle truppe americane sulla prima edizione Roma del loro giornale The Stars and Stripes >>>

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