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Days of Wrath: The Ordeal of Aldo Moro

The Book, the Movie, and the Book About Both


Days of Wrath Available now at

Days of Wrath: The Ordeal of Aldo Moro, The Kidnapping, The Execution, The Aftermath
New York: Doubleday, 1980, London: Granada, 1980, Rome: ADN Kronos Libri, 1982 (Italian title: I giorni dell'ira, il caso Moro senza censure)

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The Moro Affair

Il Caso Moro (The Moro Affair), a film by Giuseppe Ferrara
Starring Gian Maria Volonte'. Based on the book Days of Wrath by Robert Katz. Screenplay by Robert Katz, Armenia Balducci and Giuseppe Ferrara.

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Il Caso Moro Il Caso Moro
(with G. Ferrara and A. Balducci), Naples: Pironti, 1987. Written as a response to the bitter political controversy that erupted in Italy on release of the film, this compendium of interviews, reviews essays and photographs, published new documents on the case and includes the complete text of the final screenplay.

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