Robert Katz’s History of Modern Italy
An in-depth English language resource with an independent point of view.
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Praise for Death in Rome

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Katz’ investigation of the [Ardeatine Caves massacre] is a masterpiece of literature, with brilliant character sketches, vivid episodes, and an over-all dramatic structure worthy of a great tragedy.  But it is also a masterpiece of historical scholarship. …It is reinforced by the author’s intimate knowledge of Rome and the Romans and by his care to collect and evaluate every scrap of pertinent evidence.” – Chicago Tribune

Mr. Katz’s book is an exciting, well-written, and well-documented statement to provide a beginning in understanding this complex period of history.  I couldn’t put it down.  For all libraries.” – Library Journal

It is a grisly, horrible story, told quietly, factually, and well.  Robert Katz has thoroughly investigated the sources.” -Publisher’s Weekly

 “It is based on careful, extensive research along with Katz’s natural narrative abilities which intensify the documentary horror of what occurred. … the tragic story of resistance to tyranny and expensive price which men of courage pay.” – Kirkus Reviews

  A movingly written account of the deeds of two grisly days…” – Cleveland Press

 “Brilliantly conceived addition to World War II.” – Minneapolis Tribune

 “Intensely interesting.” – Book-of-the-Month Club News

 “Compelling.” – Bestsellers


Praise for Black Sabbath

Click to buy Black Sabbath now at “On the simplest level, the story unfolds with the quiet suspense and terror of a novel of mass murder. It is developed, rationally, logically, in such underplayed terms that the grotesque becomes commonplace, familiar, and, in the end, frightful and shocking, a mockery of life as we think we know it. … As the result of Robert Katz’s work, which is concerned with good and evil – the Jews are almost incidental, even though he focuses on their plight – the problem of morality becomes immediate, real, and universal. It goes beyond the “Jewish question.” It involves us all in the struggle against tyranny, injustice, and evil wherever and however practiced, no matter against whom. … Through meticulous research and a careful piecing together of evidence, Katz has reconstructed the awful event with brilliance, clarity, and compassion.” — Martin Blumenson, Washington Star

“… a combination of carefully organized facts and compelling literary style. … unforgettable touches … his extremely moving volume comes close to matching John Hersey’s achievement in The Wall." — Gordon C. Zahn, Boston Sunday Globe.

“Robert Katz tells the story of this barbaric crime so beautifully, even with all its pain and horror, that it stands out … This is a book that no reader can easily put down.” — Publishers Weekly

“… an account fascinating in its horror, intriguing in its complexity, and affective in its style, well worth the attention of the general reader.” — Virginia Kirkus.

“Mr. Katz has been brilliantly successful in piecing together the story of the razzia. … Equally excellent is Mr. Katz’s description of the long journey in freight cars from Rome Auschwitz. … Mr. Katz has presented an extremely moving, well written and well documented story, and it is unlikely that much more can ever be added to it. ...” Times Literary Supplement.


Praise for Days of Wrath

Click to buy Days of Wrath now at Katz argues with great ingenuity...he reveals with pitiless detail how the media twisted every event to show Moro as a a human wreck when all along he was playing the master game of his political life. ... Anyone who can be moved by the pity and terror of a modern tragedy will want to read this book." – Washington Post

Katz has meticulously researched an angry book describing a Machiavellian Rome in which Moro battled .” –New Statesman

Robert Katz has now reconstructed what happened...a skilful book in which the arts of a thriller writer are combined with the critical curiosity of a reporter.” -Times of London

 “The whole saga is re-told in vivid detail.” – Sunday Telegraph

  This is a staggering piece of investigative reporting - and surely one of the most meticulously researched books in contemporary history. It is a brilliantly written reconstruction - brought out of shadow into glaring light - of the Moro tragedy in Italy.” – Gerold Frank